VO2 MAX is the most advanced endurance supplement of its type. Based on human clinical trials dosages are maximized to ensure the athlete will not be short-changed. This is done primarily through improving Oxygen Utilization through a triple action combo. Rhodiola increases oxygen diffusion and utilization. The high phosphate dosage increases 2,3-DPG in red blood cells which facilitates the release of oxygen to the muscles. Cordyceps has been shown to improve VO2MAX through more efficient enzyme activity, mobilization of free fatty acids and beta-oxidation. Peer reviewed studies prove that beta alanine counteracts the release of hydrogen ions which lead to the onset of fatigue. Calcium pyruvate, phosphates, d-ribose and magnesium are all major role players in increasing anaerobic endurance.

Loading phase: 5 capsules every morning on an empty stomach for 7 days
Performance use: 5 capsules 30 minutes before training/racing
Optimum Power: 5 capsules in the morning every day of the month and 5 capsules before training/racing

Contains no common allergens, but is produced in a facility that processes Whey, Casein, Soy and Egg.

Spec Sheet: 
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