The Benefits Of Pre And Post Workout Supplements

Justin Rossouw, our newest Athlete gives us some insight as to The Benefits Of Pre And Post Workout Supplements

To get the most out of your workouts, no matter what your training goals are, it’s important to take the right supplements before and after your workout to make instant progress and long term gains.

My supplement stack:

30 - 45 minutes before training, I stack 5g SSA L-GLUTAMINE, 3,5g (5 caps) SSA CREATINE NITRATE and 4g SSA LEUCINE PROTEIN CAPS.

Although it is a ‘non-essential’ amino acid, Glutamine has many potential benefits for people interested in gaining new muscle and/or preserving that hard earned muscle. So, low glutamine levels are associated with loss of lean body mass and intense exercise is known to reduce glutamine stores. I always use SSA Glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown.

I use the SSA Creatine Nitrate because it contains arginine, which increases blood flow to the muscle fibre because it increases nitric oxide. The benefit of the increased blood flow means that you are feeding more nutrients to the muscle. Great product for massive pumps.

Leucine is best taken before training. This powerful amino acid promotes muscle building by increasing protein synthesis, the process by which muscle cells grow.


0 – 30 Minutes before training, I take 5g SSA CREATINE. Creatine helps improve performance in sports that require high intensity intermittent exercise such as sprinting, weight lifting, football, etc. Therefore, creatine itself is a fuel source and helps boost my strength during training.


During training, I never go without SSA ANABOLIC TRIGGER (BCAA’s).

A great product to help maintain muscle mass while dieting. During exercise, increased levels of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood, can cause fatigue.

BCAA’s helps to reduce these levels and therefore speeds up recovery and also help with muscle soreness. BCAA’s also helps enhance muscle growth by boosting growth-hormone levels and lowers cortisol. BCAA’s play a critical role in the turnover of lean body tissues (muscle) and is muscle sparing (anti-catabolic).


0 – 30 minutes after training, I take 5g SSA CREATINE, 5g SSA GLUTAMINE, 4g LEUCINE PROTEIN CAPS, 40g SSA WHEY ISOLATE, 30g SSA DEXTROSE. Leucine boosts the release of the anabolic hormone, insulin. The insulin spike allows nutrients to move into the muscle cells. This plays an important role in protein synthesis. Top up with glutamine after training because the glutamine during training has been depleted. Adding creatine will then help limit muscle damage and enhance recovery. After training, the fuel stored in your muscles, glycogen will be depleted and therefore the dextrose will then immediately be absorbed and stored as new muscle glycogen. Protein has a number of different roles in the body such as repairing cells, building and repairing muscle cells and the production of energy. I use the SSA WHEY ISOLATE because of its fast absorption, it sends amino acids to the muscles to quickly boost recovery and kick start muscle growth